Quality & Safety

At American Healing Technologies, Inc. (AHT), our main focus is quality and safety. All of our products are manufactured at an Australian GMP / TGA facility to ensure that we deliver our customers products with the highest manufacturing quality.

What is GMP?

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) is a legal codification of sound quality principles that have been used by the pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturing industries for more than 50 years as a means of assuring products have the correct identity, appropriate strength, purity and quality that they state they contain. GMPs are in effect in more than 100 countries, and GMP compliance is a pre-requisite for exporting pharmaceuticals among and between countries.

To ensure compliance and traceability, each step of the manufacturing process must be documented and adhere to its defined guidelines. By documenting the manufacturing process, validating the equipment used, and following preset guidelines, the quality of each lot of products is ensured. Once the manufacturing cycle is completed, every batch of product that is manufactured is then tested for heavy metals and pesticides.

 AHT products are produced under these strict GMP guidelines.

Where Does Quality Begin?

Superb quality begins far before the manufacturing process—as far back as the seed and the soil, the climate and the care. These are the tangibles that allow excellent, sturdy herbs to grow well and deliver their potent best. Because Gansu province is China's second largest growing region, we have the advantage of selecting the best local raw ingredients.

Our experts at Gansu check the quality and verify the identification of each herbal ingredient. They extract products from the best herbs, hand-picked for quality. The harvested raw materials are carefully transported to their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to protect their healing and energy qualities.  Here they are processed in the most sensitive and classical way … one that preserves their powerful healing properties.


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