American Healing is proud to bring to you two products that may dramatically reduce your menopausal conditions as well as bring your body back in harmony so it can heal itself. These products are specifically designed to gently strengthen your Kidney Qi and overcome Liver Qi stagnation, so that your body can begin to heal. As this harmony occurs your conditions will go away. They will not be covered up by drugs, but  by your body's own natural healing ability they will be eliminated or dramatically reduced. They are safe and all natural. Most women will feel a change begin with 2-4 weeks and after about three months, their organs are functioning well enough that this treatment for menopausal conditions are no longer needed.

These two products are based upon ancient natural formulas and have been adapted exclusively for Western individuals by Dr. Nan Lu. The stresses of life, career and family have taken their toll on all of us. These products when taken together address the Kidney Qi deficiency and Liver Qi stagnation that is the root cause for menopausal symptoms.

Why Together?

Remember these products are designed to be taken together, because the root cause of most menopausal conditions lie in the Kidney and the Liver. These two formulas will work to harmonize the body. Many women find their menopausal conditions  reduced or even completely gone within three months. During this three-month period, your own healing ability will start to re-function and you will feel better.

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