Welcome to American Healing Technologies, here you will find information that will change and enrich the quality of your life. The Chinese herbal remedies found on these pages are natural supplements and will promote healthy living.

In the sections and pages that follow, you will find new ways of looking at disease, yourself, life, stress and the natural way of the world. Our goal is to inform, stimulate discussion and open your eyes to "healing" as an art and science.


Western medicine has done a wonderful job in figuring out how to fix the human body. HOWEVER there is a difference between fixing and healing. Healing is a process in which your body works its way back into "balance".

Traditional Chinese Medicine is 5,000 years old. It is an unbroken chain of knowledge passed down from generation to generation. TCM is not a basket full of "New Age" therapies it is a time-tested encyclopedia of natural medicine using your body's own healing powers.

Some of the information you will find here offers a safe alternative to certain conditions, while others offer a complementary approach, combining the best of both worlds.

The information and products you will find cover a wide variety of conditions. These include:

Menopause – A natural way to relieve and eliminate menopausal symptoms.
Immune System – Wild Ling Zhi is a legendary herb used for thousands of years to strengthen the immune system. Our WILD Ling Zhi harvested from a special region in China is the most potent form of this raw herb available.
Natural Teas for Cold Prevention and Healthy Digestion.
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